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Why Choose An Area Rug?

An area rug is an excellent alternative to traditional flooring options. Not only are area rugs affordable, but they are also quite stylish and attractive within the home. In fact, area rugs come in a wide range of colors, patterns, fibers, cuts, shapes, and overall designs. That means that no matter what the stylistic guidelines are that you're trying to follow, there is undoubtedly an area rug to match. 

Area rugs can breathe new life into any room in the home with minimal cost or effort. Area rugs are inherently mobile, as they can be moved from room to room and home to home without much issue. While area rugs are somewhat vulnerable to spills and stains, they should not require much effort to look great. 

Consider an area rug for your home for an affordable, trend-setting flooring option. At ICC Floors Plus, we offer a range of premade and custom area rugs, runners, and stairs for your home or commercial space.

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The Benefits Of Area Rugs

  • Area rugs are much more affordable than other flooring options. 
  • Area rugs are easy to transport. 
  • Area rugs only require vacuuming to look great daily. 
  • Area rugs come in a wide range of overall looks, colors, patterns, cuts, and fiber types. 
  • Area rugs are attractive and stylish. 
  • Area rugs can add comfort underfoot.
  • Area rugs can absorb sound.
  • Area rugs can help to insulate a home. 

Get Inspired

Browse our area rug inspiration gallery to see the newest and hottest trends in area rugs. 

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