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Follow our tile care guide to keep your floors looking their best. 

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Daily Tile Care

Tile is a flooring option that won't require too much work to keep looking its best. With that said, the more time and energy you put into caring for your tile floors, the more likely they will age well as the years pass. By following our daily tile care below, you can help to ensure that your tile floors consistently perform well and look great. 

With tile, sweeping is key to ensuring that your floors maintain their beauty. Sweeping helps to guarantee that dirt, dust, and other debris do not scratch the tile flooring or cause premature aging/grunge. How often you sweep will depend on the traffic the tile flooring receives, but you should plan on doing so every couple of days at a minimum. A wet mop may be used as well for a deeper clean. Make sure the mop is more damp than it is wet. 

You should also encourage guests to remove their shoes before walking across your tile floors. 

Dealing With Tile Spills & Stains

While not especially vulnerable to damage from solid or liquid messes, tile floors will require maintenance when accidents happen. When a liquid mess occurs on your tile, you should promptly wipe it up with a cloth. A solid mess can be addressed using a broom. The longer you wait to tackle specific messes, the more likely they are to cause damage to your tile, the grouting, or the subflooring beneath. 

Consult our team when you doubt how to handle a specific tile mess. 

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