How To Coordinate Flooring with Wall Colors

How To Coordinate Flooring with Wall Colors

When you are designing or redesigning a space, it’s important that your choices work together in a cohesive way. You want your space to flow and give others the impression that every decision you made was purposeful. And there are so many to make! Two of the primary decisions are flooring and wall colors, which can involve a majority of your space. Choosing things that work well together will not only make everything look put-together, it will make other design choices simpler.

Review of Flooring Options:

A good place to start when choosing a floor is to pay attention to the use of the space. You wouldn’t carpet a bathroom. Well, maybe you would and some people have, but it’s generally not a great idea! Carpet and laminate are best kept away from water. Today’s laminates are more water resistant, but to be safe, consider something else in areas that could get wet. In living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms, carpet and laminates are excellent choices.

Luxury vinyl is versatile and waterproof and can be used throughout your home. Available as plank, which looks like wood, or tile, which is self-explanatory, this is a good solution if you’d like a uniform floor to use throughout your home.

Tile, available in porcelain, ceramic or natural stone, is generally used in bathrooms, kitchens or entryways/foyers that could get wet. In some warmer climates, tile is used throughout.

If you are lucky enough to have hardwood flooring or the budget to have it installed, it is always a worthwhile option to consider. If you are installing new floors or having them redone, your consideration would be choosing what stain you want. Similar to laminates, hardwoods shouldn’t be installed in areas that will get wet.

Choose a Floor

Now that we have reviewed the basic options, let’s discuss how to choose one. Because flooring is something that you aren’t going to replace every few years, due to expense and also hassle, you will want to choose a floor that you love and can afford which will work in your space. So consider your unique situation, then take the plunge! You will be glad you did.

Choose a Paint for Neutral Floors

Once you have chosen a floor, select a paint. Many “wood looking” options, such as hardwood, laminate or luxury vinyl plank, as well as neutral tiles and carpet are easier to coordinate with a paint color. Simply take a sample of the floor you chose to the paint counter and select a color by comparing it to your flooring sample. You don’t want to choose anything that is too similar. For instance, if you choose flooring that is more gray, you might want to steer clear of gray for the walls. Even if you love a monochromatic look, there should be a contrast between the floor and walls.

Choose a Paint for Bold Floors

If you have chosen a carpet or a tile that is a particular color or bold, you will want to be more careful when choosing your paint. You don’t want the floor and the walls to clash in any way. The process is the same as above. Take a sample of your floor to the paint counter. Choose a color that looks good with the flooring you have chosen; be careful it is not too similar.

How To Coordinate Flooring with Wall Colors

Buy a Paint Sample

One way to double-check your color choice and make sure that you have nailed it: buy a sample of the color and take it home. Paint a small part of the wall and compare it to the flooring. Look at everything together in the natural light of your home and make sure it all plays nice together before you commit. If you hate the color at home, simply pick something else and repeat the process until you find something that definitely works.

Paint First

It’s much easier to paint walls and ceilings before you install new floors. If you have old flooring to remove, you can do that either before painting or after, depending on your floor trim situation. Either way, painting before installing new floors will save you the aggravation of needing to clean paint off of them. Schedule your installation out far enough to allow the painting to happen first.

Choosing flooring and paint that coordinates doesn’t have to be intimidating! By following a few easy steps, you can be sure your space will look well thought out. When you are ready to talk more about flooring options, visit the professionals at ICC Floors Plus. We can help you finalize your flooring decisions and get your project rolling.